UK Festival of Fireworks

the Display Companies

Gates open
5.00pm Displays commence at dusk: 8.45pm (approximately)

Refreshments and food are available for sale at the show.

Further Details:
tel 01384 402266 or email your address

Photos of previous Festivals:

The UK Festival of Fireworks at Catton Hall is the show previously held at Shugborough Hall.

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Vulcan Company founder Ewan Chung started his career in fireworks in 1962, and was one of the early pioneers in developing the modern firework industry in China.

The company evolved from supplying firecrackers to become a leading exporter of both display and consumer fireworks to clients all over the world.

In recent years, Vulcan have developed a display division to showcase their products and have performed major shows in Montreal, Calgary, Manila, Oman, Germany and France.



FTF Worldwide FTF Worldwide is an event management company led by an experienced team from every field that excels in the production and management of all events; from parties and weddings to corporate days and indoor or outdoor concerts.

The company has a highly respected fireworks division, headed by Cliff Stonestreet, who has decades of experience in the industry. His impressive CV includes an award winning show in Monaco (Monte Carlo) and the displays that accompany P & O Cruise ship launches and departures.



1st Galaxy Fireworks Based in Nottingham, 1st Galaxy are a well established supplier of consumer fireworks and professional displays. Their experienced team has a wealth of experience firing a broad variety of public events, such as Bonfire Night displays, summer festivals, Christmas lights switch on events, New Years' Eve parties, city centre events and national celebrations.

In 2011 1st Galaxy staged an impressive display at the 'Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique' in Cannes. The company also markets a range of high quality consumer fireworks under the Jorge brand label.

Jubilee Fireworks

West Midlands

Jubilee FireworksFestival organisers Jubilee Fireworks were formed in 1987. From relatively modest beginnings, the company has evolved to become a major force in the UK fireworks industry and, in recent years, they have gained a formidable international reputation. Jubilee have gained the ‘Champion of Champions’ title in both national competitions (musical and traditional).

Recent successes on the international stage include first prizes in Monaco (2010), Manila (2010 and 2013) and Knokke Heist (2014). Jubilee have also fired displays in Macau, The Bahamas, Malta, Italy, Spain, The Maldives, Portugal and Vietnam. In 2015, the company gained one of the highest accolades in the Fireworks industry, winning the Gold Jupiter Award at L’International Des Feux Loto Quebec in Montreal, Canada – the most prestigious fireworks competition in the world.